General Application Software Limited has been developing software and providing consultancy services since 1995. Our clients include both domestic and international governmental bodies, local councils and private businesses. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not constrained to a specific sector and have a wide range of IT and business experience in various fields including retail, service delivery, insurance, health and of course the IT sector.

We are based in the United Kingdom and mainly work on contracts within the UK, Ireland and Europe; however, we also provide excellent consultancy and project management services and our consultants have worked on both short and long term projects in a number of other countries including Pakistan and Iraq.

We have gained extensive experience working on a variety of projects both large and small, ranging in budget from extreme low cost to projects worth tens of millions of dollars. We are confident that we are able to discuss your requirements and work with you from the inception of an IT/business project - through the development process and then into deployment, providing on-going support for any system that is developed.

Please talk to us about your requirements and see if we can create a lasting partnership.


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Large or small; complex or simple; PC, Mac OS X or Linux based developments; web based applications; company or personal web sites; training systems; CMS developments for Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress.

We've worked on projects ranging from small applications that have been embedded onto smartcards to large multi-user PC based applications. Tell us your requirements and see if we can help.


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Need help with getting an IT project up and running? Need experienced hands to guide a project? Is your IT project failing and you need help getting it back on track? Need an independent review of your IT department capabilities or company needs?

Our Prince2 qualified consultants can help with a range of projects from inception to implementation and on-going support.


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Computer applications are becoming more and more complex, offering a wide variety of options. We can provide training for off the shelf packages or come and provide specially developed training for your in-house systems.

Training can be provided by traditional classroom-led courses, on the job training, or by a variety of e-learning methods. We can provide assessments of the individuals who take the courses and prepare them for external qualifications such as Prince2, ITIL or MCSE.


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All the systems we provide to our clients come with comprehensive support. Additional and extended support packages are available upon request.

If you have an existing in-house or third party system that you would like us to support; contact us to discuss your requirements.

We believe our friendly, experienced support people can provide you with prompt, professional and decisive assistance when you need it.


There are times when your company needs a little extra help to come in and augment your existing team as they work on a particular project. You may need certain skills to be available to achieve your goals at specific times, sometimes for only a few hours or days rather than weeks or months. We may be able to help! Providing you with experts in particular fields quickly and for the times that you need. Contact us to tell us what you need and to find out if we can help.

Documentation; that word that strikes fear in most developers! If you need your business processes mapped or existing systems documented - we can help with this! This is one area that many companies struggle with - either documenting new or existing systems; or simply maintaining manuals and processes and keeping them up to date and relevant. Call us to discuss!

Project Management

We've noted that some companies, when faced with a body of work ('a project') come to the realisation that they need to adopt a methodology to achieve their goals. They enthusiastically embrace their chosen methodology; something they are convinced is best for them and implement it fully...without tailoring it to their specific circumstances.

Our first piece of advice is to take a step back and fully understand what you are trying to do and adapt your chosen methodology to your circumstances. Remember that you don't have to implement the whole of the methodology, as some parts may not be relevant! Break up projects into a series of smaller objectives and work your way through those objectives in order. It is a cliché, but always consider working SMART...Always ask yourself; is the objective: -

Specific - Measurable - Agreed - Realistic - Time-bound

If you can say yes to each of the above...then you stand a chance of completing that objective!

The final snippet of advice for running projects is to always review what you have achieved up to that point in time. Look back at the reasons why you are trying to achieve the body of work...and ask yourself...'Is this project still relevant?' In an organisation this will take the form of reviewing the current state of the project against the business case, but in your personal projects this will probably be a less formal review, but nonetheless a very important step to ask why am I doing this and should I continue?

As with anything in life, there are trade-offs to be made in how you approach each project. In all but a small number of projects - you need to deliver to a specific budget, or a challenging deadline, or with an existing set of resources. Many times, you will be competing for all these things with other projects. No one said it would be easy! With a good understanding of what is required, how you will achieve it, a meaningful plan and continuous management - you are more likely to succeed! Good luck!

We'll put up some further tips in coming months, but in the meantime, if you want to talk to us about our project management experience and get us in to help you with your projects - please contact us! We're happy to help!

In the meantime, if you are looking for an excellent project management tool to support your project, we recommend Project in a Box. The best bit is that there is a free community edition!

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June 2014
Development of new aggregation software library

May 2014
Various site support developments - maintenance and updates


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April 2014
Working on development of new content management system for client. New development library adopted

March 2014
Support of consultants in the USA and Europe

February 2014
Charity website redesign underway

January 2014
Completion of web based content management system for client

December 2014
Completion of disaster recovery and business continuity template

November 2013
Completion and Deployment of website for new client

October 2013
We are currently supporting consultants based in Europe with strategic and technical help evaluating existing IT systems

September 2013
Current business review is on-going and implementation of the second half of 2013 plans are being put into place

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